Welcome to Laniers True Value Hardware

Putting the customer first has - and always will be - our primary objective. Our job is to make your job easier, and we'll do it. We have over 100,000 hardware items in stock and available to you for your own home improvements.

All of our products are fully guaranteed. If we don't have it, we'll find it for you. Our staff are home repair experts with over 200 years of combined experience, ready to answer any question you may have. Tell us what you need and we'll deliver it. Come see for yourself why we are known as "The Place To Find What You Want". Click here to see what folks are saying about us.

Our hobby department is stocked with Traxxas RC cars and trucks, plus all the repair parts that you will need. We also have a great selection of trains and accessories, models and much more.

Need a glove for playing catch in the backyard? How about helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys and pants for your football team. What ever your needs are we can help you. We have full lines of basketball, football, baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball, equipment and uniforms.

Whether you are looking for a "Whatchmacallit" or a "thingamajig," Lanier True Value Hardware will have it in stock or can get it for you. Even if you live out-of-state, we can arrange to ship your order directly to your doorstep!

We also offer many great services to make you life easier, safer and more comfortable as well as save you money. Let our experienced staff take care of your needs, quickly and properly. All with a smile and that friendly attitude you have grown to expect from Lanier's your hometown TrueValue hardware store.

Check out our Upcoming Events. From live bands to cookoffs, there's always something going on at Laniers.

No Events scheduled this month.


Come see our Housewares department where we have an unbelievable collection of merchandise. We have over 70 feet of cake decorating supplies.

Need a cookie cutter? We have it with over 150 to choose from.

Are you stuffing your own sausage? Or canning your own beans? We have all the supplies you need.

Having a chicken stew for all your friends, we have cast iron pots from 1qt. to 33 gallon.

You need it we got it, apple peelers, meat grinders, mixers, blenders, kitchen gadgets, pressure cooker parts. cooking and bake ware, ice cream freezers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, food storage, closet organizing, oil lamps, ceramic crocks, and much more.

If we do not have an item in stock we will do our best to find a supplier of that item and ordered it for you.

Click on any of our scrolling vendor logos at the top of the page to see the many products that we can provide for you.

Gas Logs & Wood Stoves

Come see our showroom for all your fireplace needs. We have live burn gas log displays, wood stoves, wood inserts, wood cook stoves, and gas heaters.

Still using a fireplace to burn wood? We have fireplace doors, screens, dog irons, ash buckets, log carriers and fireplace tool sets.

We stock Woodstoves by: Buck, Englander, and Vogelzang.

We stock Gas Logs by: Peterson, Empire, Prime Heat, and Van Guard.

We service and install woodstoves and gas logs.

Please come by or call us (336)248-5935 with any questions.

Lawn and Garden

Whether you need outdoor power equipment to spruce up your yard, or seed and fertilizer to improve itÖ we have it. Are the weeds and insects taking over? We have the chemicals you need.

Once the work is done, see our selection of grills and patio accessories. We have a great selection of decorative flags, wind chimes, and weather vanes to put the final touches on your outdoor living area.

Did you know that we are an Authorized STIHL® Dealer? STIHL® products are only sold through authorized STIHL® dealers who have the knowledge and experience to keep your equipment at it's best. We have a full line of STIHL® products.
Check out our STIHL® Website where you'll find great deals on STIHL® products.

Sporting Goods

We are not your typical sporting goods department in a hardware store. We are a full line sporting goods store offering equipment and uniforms for teams and individuals in baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, football and many others.

Are you a fan of high school and college sports? We have a huge selection of logo clothing and gifts for area teams including: Central Davidson, Ledford, Lexington, North Davidson, South Davidson, West Davidson, ASU, ECU, Duke, NCSU, UNC, WFU, and others.

Although we no longer sell firearms, we still carry ammunition and hunting accessories, along with fishing and archery supplies.

Toys and Hobbies

Are you a kid at heart? Whether you are young or old, we can help you have some fun.

We stock radio controlled cars, trucks, boats, planes, and all the accessories and repair parts you need. Love trains? See our selection of electric trains.

We have a great selection of toys for infants, toddlers and teens, both boys and girls. We carry dolls, kitchen sets, games, puzzles, yard games, die cast tractors, wagons, toy guns, action figures, crafts. Step back to yesteryear with our vintage toys.


We offer many great services to make you life easier, safer and more comfortable as well as save you money. Let our experienced staff take care of your needs, quickly and properly. All with a smile and that friendly attitude you have grown to expect from Lanier's your hometown TrueValue hardware store.

Key Making

Need a key made? We'll make you one fast. Any kind or type, if it's a key we can make it. We have custom keys in every color of the rainbow as well as cartoon characters too so your keys match your unique style.

Lock Re-Keying

Worried that someone might have a key to your front door? Need your locks re-keyed? Want all your locks to work with the same key? Well, we can do that too.

Computer Paint Matching

Having trouble matching an existing paint color? Need to perfectly tie your wall color with your draperies? Tired of sorting through stacks of color chips? Just bring in a sample and our computer will match the color exactly. No hassles. No worries. Just perfection.

Screen Repair

Got holes in your screens? Are the bugs driving you crazy? We can repair your screens with brand new screening. In no time the only thing that will be getting through your screens is fresh air.

Water Heater Installation

Water not getting hot enough? Tired of cold showers? Need a new water heater and need it installed? We can do that for you fast and you'll be singing in the shower again.

Gas Log Installation

Tired of chopping and hauling wood? Hate the dust and ashes? Have you thought about gas logs? We have a full line of them here and we can install a set for you right away. Then you can sell the log splitter and grow flowers in the ash bucket.

Small Engine Repair

Mower not running? How 'bout your chainsaw or weed trimmer. From a simple tune-up to a full overhaul, if it's got a small engine on it, we can get it running like new again.

Mower Blade Sharpening

Does your grass look like it was cut with an axe? Mower not cutting or not cutting smoothly? Bring it on in and we will sharpen and balance the blades so it cuts like a pro. Your lawn will thank you for it.

Chainsaw Sharpening

How 'bout your chainsaw. A dull chainsaw is prone to dangerous kickbacks. Remember, a sharp saw is a safe saw. Let us sharpen the chain for you.

Lawn & Garden Tool Sharpening

Shears not shearing? Trimmers not trimming? Lopers not lopping? No need to buy new ones. We can sharpen them all.

Scissor & Knife Sharpening

We can keep your scissors and knives razor sharp. If it's something that's supposed to cut then it should be sharp and we can sharpen it.

Pressure Cooker Testing

Got a pressure cooker that you want to use but not sure it's safe? Bring it in and we will pressure check it for you replacing all worn or defective seals and gromets. Momma's pot roast never tasted so good. And Tender....Mmm Mmm.

Our Story

In 1940 Ardell Lanier was working in a small hardware store on 2nd Street. It was owned and operated by his brother-in-law. The store was not doing so well and Mr. Lanierís brother-in-law was going to close up shop when Mr. Lanier at the age of 20 asked to buy him out and take over the business all by himself. After Mr. Lanier and his wife Edna Davis Lanier gathered up the money with a little help from Mrs. Lanierís mother and Lanier Hardware was born.

The first thing Mr. Lanier started doing was stocking his shelves with whatever he did not have and whatever a customer asked for. Even a couple of thing-u-mug-gigs. Mr. Lanier has had a long running slogan: "If we donít have it and we canít get it, you donít need it" (Lexington Dispatch, 1979). Before long with the growing inventory the store had to be expanded. So he bought the shop next door and expanded into it. He would repeat this a couple of more times before moving to the present location on South Main Street. Even at this new location some type of expansion or renovation has occurred every several years. Now as a sign of the times the little hardware store on South Main has expand to the internet.

By 1945 Laniers had doubled in size from its original 1,600 square feet by adding sporting goods and a hobby department. During those first couple of years Mr. Lanier and one part-time employee ran the store. However, with the expansion in 45 Mrs. Lanier came on to manage the books. She would often work at home taking care of the paperwork and their two children Gail and Ann. The additions in 1945 I guess one could say were brought about mostly because of Mr. Lanierís sonís interest. "Daddy said, "I think we need to be in the wholesale business for that stuff (models), if weíre going to spend so much money on it," Gail said (Dispatch, 1993.) By 1950 a housewares department was added along with an additional 1,600 square feet and soon the first of many family employees would join his parents.

Gail started working at the age of 12 in the sporting goods and hobby shop and well that is where you will find the now president of the family business today. Even at this young age Gail was in charge of ordering for the sports and hobbies. The storeís inventory continued to grow and by 1955 another 1,600 square feet was added with more housewares. Shortly after this expansion Gailís sister Ann Lanier Easter started coming up to the store and assisting her mother. Ann says, "Getting into the family business was just natural. We grew up in it. Weíd come up to the store with mother, and Iíd help her count change and run a register" (Dispatch, 1993.) As the payroll continued to grow so did the storeís inventory. So much so that in 1962 Laniers moved to its current location on South Main Street. This move meant that the Laniers could own the building that their growing family business was now in. Something Mr. Lanier prides himself on today. During this time in 1965 Laniers became part of the True Value chain. Here again staying ahead of any competition from smaller hardware stores with the buying power of the largest Hardware wholesaler, Cotter and Company. Right around this time one of the single most important additions happened for Laniers. The family acquired the property behind the store and turned it into a parking lot. Ardell knew street front parking was not going to be enough for the Main Street Store. "That (the parking lot) was thanks to Daddyís foresight," Gail said (Dispatch, 93.) I know it sounds simple, but who in 1965 thought that shopping centers would dominate our landscape and cause demise to small towns all over the United States. As simple as it may sound this parking lot has been one of the main reasons for the storeís success through the years. Oh! and inventory.

The store would continue to grow in this new location. With an added second floor in 1968 and then they added onto the back of the store in 1973. In 1978 they added a Third Avenue wing and moved sporting goods there, which coincidentally shaped the layout of the storeís floor into a L. In 1988 a second story was added to the Third Avenue wing and a new entrance on State Street was completed.

Through the years all of this expansion has been to accommodate the storeís vast inventory. So, your probably asking who keeps up with all the inventory. Well for years Mr. Lanier keep it in his head. He has said, "Itís like your things at home. You know where you keep your toothbrush, and if someone doesnít move it, it will be there when you go to get it" (Dispatch, 1993.) After a little pushing from Gail, Ann and other family members the store computerized in 1988. By now two more family members joined the force. Gailís daughter Natalie Lanier Taylor and her husband Greg Taylor started working at the store shortly after their college graduations. Natalie would work in the office alongside her grandmother and Aunt with accounts receivable, where as Greg would start work on converting the hardware store into computer data.

One might imagine this to be an arduous task. Well, it has been 11 years now and there is still merchandise waiting to become inventory data. Like I said earlier this store has got some inventory. At present today the little hardware store has grown to 85,000 square feet of stock rooms, offices, and showroom floor and it has not stopped growing yet. In 1989 Gailís two twin sons Stanley and Stewart Lanier came on board to assist in the family business. Stewart joining his dad in sporting goods and Stanley joining his grandfather in hardware.

In the 90ís not much has changed for Laniers. The family continues to grow as well as the business. In 1998 Laniers added a service known as Just Ask Rental to itís inventory and now they are expanded into cyberspace with their first Web Page and e-mail address. The rental service is an expansion of Tru*serv, what Cotter & Co. is know as today. Who knows what is in store for the new millennium. With 3 generations working and the 4th up and growing anything is possible.

June of 2006 marks 66 years for Laniers and it continues to go strong. It has grown but the family and the employees continue to wait on customers with the friendly feel of the corner store. Now the store has gained local legendary status. With the occasional tour bus dropping in to see the local hardware store with all the inventory and just as he has for 65 years Mr. Lanier will probably be there to show them his store full of: Anvils, bolts, Christmas decorations, dolls, electrical tape, fireplaces, guns, hats, ink, jackets, keys, ladders, mouse traps, nails, ovens, potbellied stoves, quik dry cement, rope, saddles, towels, umbrellas, vents, wheelbarrels, xerox copies, yellow paint, and zinc oxide just to name a few.

Customer Comments

I have spent my whole life going
to that place, 41 years old now. You name it, they've got it. Even if I don't need anything, I will sometimes go in there. It brings back some very good memories of when my Dad and I used to go in there and browse around looking at everything from gas powered model airplanes, guns, hunting and camping supplies, lawnmowers, whatever. I have fond memories of it and still do most of my hardware shopping there to this day.

Only 4 stars????
This place is one of the best hardware stores I have ever visited. Ever! Anywhere! The only possible exception is the hardware department in the lower level of the BHV store on Rue de Rivoli in Paris but seeing as that hardware section isn't what it once was, Lanier's is inching into the lead. Where else can you purchase an electric hoist and brioche molds at the same time? I love this place.

THE BIG so called home improvement stores will send you to LANIERS HARDWARE they know LANIER has everything and if you cant find what you need the professionals at LANIERS are very crafty they will invent something that will fit your need. I am so glad they didnt let the big home improvement store cause them to shut down. all that square feet the big stores have and laniers carry more great stuff even back in the day stuff. Try LANIERS today you wont regret it.

Great for plumbing and nuts & bolts!
Bubba G.
I'm a plumber in Lexington. I like Lanier's True Value Hardware a lot. They now have more varied selection of plumbing than the local plumbing supply house since the local place was bought out by a big chain store. I find myself in there more and more buying parts I would have bought at the other place. I (like most plumbers and contractors) prefer to avoid those big box stores/warehouses. At Lanier's I can get in, get what I need, and get out a lot faster than at the home improvement centers, and the quality is a lot better as well. The big box stores sell more Chinese made junk. My only gripe is there is NO discount for contractors on items we buy every day for our jobs as there is at the other place. So I use both equally and like both. The workers are usually friendly, and very knowledgeable, and they treat me like like a special person, and not just like a number. I also like the HUGE nuts & bolts section as well.

Homey atmosphere
S. H.
Lanier Hardware is a great old-town hardware store that hasn't been run out of business. Besides from what you expect from the typical hardware store, they have hard to find parts as well. They also carry dishes, cookware, cake decorating supplies, party supplies, sportswear, fishing equipment, etc. There is something for everybody here! There is an entrance on Main St, with parking at the meters. We park at the back where there's a good-size parking lot. There is a lot of staff available to assist you if needed. The prices are competitive. I recommend this place.

Great Store
Jessica B.
Wow! you can find just about anything you need in this store! It has a wide variety of items. Staff is very friendly and helpful! Some things are a little overpriced, but for the most part things are priced well.

Great Place!
Great place to go they have everything. from electric trains to renting jack hammers to lights and even just getting a key made. (cheaper then most places) great parking area good customer service.

Lanier's true value hardware store
Carolyn E.
What a find this store is. You can find just about anything in this place. It has items from nuts and bolts to hard to find kid toys. It now has an emporium upstairs that has wonderful handmade stain glass windows, benches with inset of stain glass, craft items and a host of hard to find items. Remember start you journey here for those hard to find things.

You need it, they probably have it
You need it, they probably have it: I can just about 100% guarntee you that if you need something that Wal Mart doesnt have.... It is at Lanier's. Growing up, if my daddy couldnt find something, he would have momma call Lanier's and then we would go get it. Yes, you may pay a couple bucks more for it... but I can guarantee that you will find things in there that Wal Mart, Target, or KMart will never carry. You name it.... they have it. Anything from Cake decorating to that little bolt to fit grandpa's old tractor.

Lanier True Value Hardware - they have EVERYTHING!!
Susan K.
There is a saying in Lexington, 'If you need something and they don't have it a Lanier Hardware...then you didn't really need it!' This is a place where you can find absolutely anything you need for anything you need to fix! And if they don't have it, they will get it. I don't care if you need a washer or bolt for a mower you bought 20 years ago.... you can probably find it there. And they are not just a hardware store. They are much more than that. They have everything from Pfaltzgraff dishes, a wedding registry, a stationary and home office section, small home appliances, sporting goods, all of your standard hardware store selections and many, many more! The best part is that the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It's hard to find that these days. You can hardly walk by any row in any department without someone asking you if they can help you. And if you do ask for help, they actually know the answer or find it out for you. Lanier Hardware is still family owned and operated and a rare find in todays mega-store society!

Contact Us

There's lots of ways to contact us but the very best way is to come on in to our store and visit us in person. Our friendly staff are home repair experts with over 200 years of combined experience, ready to answer any question you may have.

We are located in the heart of the downtown Lexington, North Carolina. You can park at the front of the store on Main Street or in our large parking lot at the rear of the store on State Street.

Store Hours * :
Monday - Friday 7:30am to 6:30pm
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* Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm

* Holiday Hours until December 21st

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Store Location:
218 South Main Street
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